Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: Full, Vampy Lashes


So when it comes to mascara 90% of the time, I’m strictly drugstore, drugstore brands just tend to have such damn good mascaras. Also there’s the fact that mascaras tend to only last for about 3 months at best and dropping $40 on something that lasts that long just seems a tad silly for my bargain hunter within.

However an exception has to be made for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This stuff has been so overly hyped by every blogger on the twittersphere, that I feel like everyone with an instagram account has slowly been bullying me into swiping my card at the Mecca counter. But guys, I’ll never thank you enough, because this stuff is actually the bomb.


If you want something that’s going to deliver thick, vampy, Brigitte Bardot style lashes then this is probably the mascara you’ve been waiting for, two to three coats give such a 60s, groupie vibe that it’s become my go to mascara when the thought of applying falsies is just too much to bare.

Yes it is a little smudgy, especially on the lower lash line. So it’s definitely not something I’ll be applying on the train on route to work any time soon, but I’m just in love with how thick and voluminous it makes my tired old eyes look. For those who keep up on my youtube channel you should probably prepare to never see anything else on my lashes for a good old while. The brush is thick and dense, with bristles tightly packed together, which does mean that if you’re too hefty with it, there is a chance of clumps appearing. But altogether,  I must admit I’ve been borderline obsessed with this product and I reckon you will be too.


Sophie xo


Marble Nails

To say I’ve been searching for a decent Nail Artist for a while would be a gross misunderstatement. As much as I love the look of natural nails it’s just something I’ve never been able to enjoy, I have baby hands and stubby fingers, never making me grab a buffer and bottle of Essie to make my talons stand out. But ah, then I discovered Acrylics.

It’s funny, people love to lecture about how I’d have beautiful natural nails if I only ditched the acrylics and loved up the natural nails, but nope – they’ve always been this horrid.


So on a recent instagram hunt for nail art inspiration I discovered Nailed by Larouge, any girls in the Sydney area I would highly recommend her, she knows her stuff! If you’re following me on instagram you can see me going on about her stuff here. I’ve been searching for someone who can just follow inspiration and get a feel for what you’re after, but so many places will only do their own designs, leaving my inspiration pretty low!

So we all know that my obsession with marble and neutrals is REAL, from my coffee pod holder to my kitchen surfaces, I love  me some marble. So when I brought in some pinterest marble nail designs, she just totally went with it and we decided to do a few detail ones with a glossy top coat, and leave the other nails with a contrasting matte coat. I could not be more in love with the designs. What do you guys think of nail art? Are there any patterns you’d love to get on your nails?


Sophie xo